Persian Daf (Frame drum)


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Standard Grade Erbane Daf / High Quality & Handmade By Khabat
Comes with a free case
Artificial skin to suite Australia humid weather
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دف خباط سه مهر

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Persian Daf made by Khabat

Dafs made of natural leather usually weigh more than artificial skin dafs. To start this instrument, it is recommended to use a relatively light Daf so that the person is not annoyed to play with it and can maintain the balance well. Khabat dafs are among the oldest and quality dafs in the market. Daf Khabat is suitable for beginners to professionals with sound quality and quality construction. Daf Khabat guarantees you a good sound and a long life in Australia weather and humid environment.

About Daf (Frame drum)

Daf is one of the most popular instruments among traditional musicians. It’s a percussion instrument in Iranian music that consists of a wooden ring (frame) on which a thin skin is fixed tightly and played with fingers. This instrument is similar to a circular Iranian percussion instrument, but it is larger and has a lower sound.
For beginner musicians, it is important to choose the right instrument, because it affects his playing with the instrument correctly and easily. The Daf consists of skin and frame. The main coil of the daf is a short cylindrical body made of wood with a cylinder and animal skins or plastic stretched on one side.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm

Beginner, Intermediate, Professionals

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Percussion instruments


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