Persian Taar (Professional)


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Professional Persian Taar

Comes with a special free hard-case and Mezrab (Plectrum)
Suitable for Professional Players &
Free shipping (Australia and New Zealand ONLY)
Taar Maker: Reza Aliyari

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Professional Persian Taar/ High Quality & Handmade By Ali-Yari
Aliyari workshop is one of the old and experienced instrument maker workshops. Taars made by Aliari masters are high quality and beautiful sounding. This Taar guarantees instrument health and lasts ages for you and offers you a great sound at an affordable price for professional players.
The professional Persian style Taar body (bowl) is made of mulberry wood. This wood is one of the most common woods for Tar fabrication because it results in the high-quality sound of the instrument and resistance to pressure and humid air in Australia.
The handle is made of walnut wood. Walnut wood is often used to make traditional hand tools. Walnut wood prevents the handle from any deformation over time which is very critical for instrument function.
Click here if you would like to check the sound of this specific Taar
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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 40 cm


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