Setaar (Standard)


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Standard Grade & Handmade Traditional Setaar
Comes with a special free hard-case
Suitable For intermediate and beginner Players &
Free shipping (Australia and New Zealand ONLY)
Maker: Amirmeftahi/Ariya
سه تار امیرمفتاحی معرق/ آریا

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Standard Grade & Handmade Traditional Setaar
Standard grade setar is an affordable option and suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. This product brings all you need to start with a high-quality Persian style standard setar.
The body is made of walnut the same as the other Setars designed for better beauty. Walnut wood also gives volume to the instrument sound and provides a clear sound. It also has significant resistance to pressure and humidity which makes it a perfect choice for Australia weather.
The soundboard is made of mulberry wood. This causes more vibration of sound in the bowl and has a high resistance and does not lose its shape and colour in the long run.
The wood used in the handle is ebony wood. Ebony wood has a dense texture without cavities, which increases the strength of this wood.
Also, tune pegs are made of walnut and ebony boxwood, which ensures the stability of your tuning.
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About Setaar

Setar is one of the original Iranian stringed instruments that is played with the nail of the index finger. The sound range is close to three octaves. In the past, this instrument had three strings, but over time, people like Abu Nasr Farabi and Abu Ali Sina realized the need to add another string to this instrument, and today’s strings became four.
This instrument is mostly used for solo and Iranian pop-classic music and also contemporary music.
This instrument is also a family with instruments such as Dotar and Tanbur and today it is very close to Taar instrument.

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Beginner, Intermediate

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